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A trailer bike is the rear end of a child’s bike that attaches onto another bike (including tandems). This allows your child to pedal, or freewheel their bike whilst being connected to the parent’s bike.

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price: £ 275.00

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There are a variety of trailers bikes available with various fittings, we’ve found that some of the trailer bikes that attach onto the seat post of the adult bike sometimes leads to the child’s trailer bike leaning sideways and spoiling the enjoyment of the ride and compromising the child’s safety.

We recommend and stock the Roland Add+Bike trailer bike, these bikes attach to the rear pannier rack.
We also stock child seats which can be fitted onto the rack.


  • Allows older children to be ride and be towed on longer journeys.
  • Children can pedal as much or as little as they like whilst being towed.
  • Helps children to develop their riding skills
  • Additional Add + Bike can be fitted to other Add + Bike to tow 2 children



  • Child cannot be allowed to ride any of the journey independently.
  • Children can pedal as much or as little as they like whilst being towed!



Suitable for children 4 - 7 years,
Suitable for children up to 32kg,
Chainwheel 36 teeth with 125mm crank length,
Freewheel 16 teeth,
Wheel size 20",
Ergonomic and adjustable children handlebar,
Equipped with mudguards, chain protection and signal bell,
Cushioned children seat post with saddle support,
QR device for saddle post height adjustment,
Rear rack maximum weight capacity 20kg,
Can be mounted hassle-free to most standard bicycles with 26-28" wheels,
Available in red or blue,
Optional extras; 2 legged stand, extra panneir rack for standard bike, pannier rack for Add + Bike and Schwalbe Marathon kevlar tyres